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Black Mama White Mama (1973)



Year: 1973

Duration: 01:22:49

Directed by: Eddie Romero

Actors: Johnathon Demme, Joe Viola, H.R. Christian

Language: English

Country: USA | Philippines

Also known as: Hot, Hard, & Mean, Women In Chains , Women’s Penitentiary 10, Chains of Hate, Czarna mama, biala mama, Donne in catene, Frauen in Ketten, Mare negra, mare blanca

Description: Once a couple of women inmates, one a radical and the second a slave girl, which can’t follow the prison rules, were chained hand in hand. The prisoners didn’t like each other and always has fight. But very soon they became friends and even were able to escape from the jail.

Big Doll House (1971)



Year: 1971

Duration: 01:34:33

Directed by: Jack Hill

Actors: Judy Brown, Pam Grier,  Roberta Collins, Sid Haig, Brooke Mills, Pat Woodell

Language: English

Country: USA | Philippines

Also known as: Women’s Penitentiary III, Sesso in gabbia, Cárcel de mujeres, Naarashäkki

Description: Big Doll House is a history of hard life of the prisoners in the women’s prison, located on a remote Pacific island and is fully controlled by sadistic matron, Miss Dietrich.

Baby Doll – (1975)



Year: 1975

Duration: 01:11:28

Directed by: Carl Evans

Actors: Justina Lynne, Steven Long, David Book

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Babydoll

Description: ” Candy Manson can be called” Doll ” , but it has definitely grown person . Ready to realize their wildest fantasies , Candy goes hunting . Joined his stunning girlfriend , Candy has become a dream for every guy who lives next door, while her friends or look for it, or are involved with it in action. You will see our favorite star and her girlfriends hungry men , realizing his fervent passion in every scene , this is the best of hardcore 70 – amazing natural women without any obstacles and barriers prohibitions. Fans will love this classic Pron sultry suburban seksfest ! “