A Gunman Named Papaco (1986)



Year: 1986

Duration: 01:40:20

Directed by: Mário Vaz Filho

Actors: Fernando Benini, Márcia Ferro, Angelina Dumont

Language: Portuguese (English Subtitles)

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco

Description:A Gunman Called Papaco (aka Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco) is the other among the weirdest, funniest adult flicks I’ve ever seen arriving out of Brazil. It’s a adventurer western comedy that homages spaghetti westerns (including blatantly ripping off Ennio Morricone scores!) and has homosexual cowboy sex years before Brokeback Mountain made it famous …. A Gunman Called Papaco is your standard family fun fest. It moves by fast with a runtime that’s about one hour and holds your rod at focus with lots of hot hetero scenes (and I suppose the gay scenes will do it for you too if that’s your poison)


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